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Nuclear fuel cycle installations


Chapter 13

    1. The uranium conversion, processing and enrichment plants in operation at Tricastin
      1. AREVA NC TU5 facility and W plant
      2. The uranium isotopes gaseous diffusion separation plant (EURODIF)
      3. The Georges Besse II ultracentrifugation enrichment plant project
    2. Nuclear fuel fabrication plants in Romans-sur-Isère and Marcoule
      1. The FBFC and CERCA uranium-based fuel fabrication plants
      2. The MÉLOX uranium and plutonium-based fuel fabrication plant
    3. AREVA NC reprocessing plants at La Hague
      1. Presentation
      2. Plant modifications
    1. Older AREVA NC La Hague installations
      1. Recovery of legacy waste
      2. Final shutdown of the UP2 400 plants, the STE2 facility and the Elan IIB unit
      3. Comurhex uranium hexafluoride preparation plant
    1. Regulating the main steps in the life of nuclear facilities
    2. Ensuring the consistency of the cycle
    3. Overseeing licensee organisation
    4. Promoting operating experience feedback
      1. Dealing with incidents
      2. Taking account of organisational and human factors
      3. Maintenance
      4. Controlling sub-criticality
  5. OUTLOOK     

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Cross-disciplinary aspects

In 2011, ASN will continue the actions undertaken in 2010 to better supervise the ongoing and future license applications and the planned periodic safety reviews.

ASN also initiated in September 2010 the overall review of the safety and radiation protection management process within the AREVA group. ASN is closely monitoring this file, which should be presented to the Advisory Committees of Experts in November 2011.

The way the AREVA group licensees integrate operating experience feedback will receive particular attention in 2011, as will the implementation of internal authorisation systems.


Tricastin site

Pollution prevention and progress with the projects concerning the effluent and waste treatment stations remain the major issues for this site in 2011.
ASN will ensure that all the projects planned by AREVA, whether to prepare for the EURODIF and COMURHEX plant shutdown operations or for the major changes in the existing plants (SOCATRI, GBII), are conducted in compliance with the TSN Act, particularly as regards informing of the public.


Romans-sur-Isère site

On the Romans-sur-Isère, ASN will in 2011 closely monitor confirmation of the progress already achieved in terms of safety. It in particular expects improved management of the waste areas. It will also be focusing on the actions taken following the safety reassessment of the facilities belonging to the CERCA company.


MÉLOX plant

As regards the MÉLOX plant in Marcoule, ASN will remain vigilant on the organisation and means implemented to increase the production capacity of the industrial tool and accompany the change in the nature of the materials used with respect to the expected requirements in term of safety and radiation protection. Consequently, verification of dosimetry control and the capacity to prevent the risks associated with human and organisational factors and the criticality risk, will remain a priority.

The periodic safety review of the MÉLOX plant is scheduled in 2011. It will constitute a key step in the life of the facility, as it provides the opportunity to assess its conformity with the regulations and with its safety requirements, while at the same time establishing the safety improvement work programme for the next ten years. This review will also allow the fundamental questions concerning the choice of computerised production management system to be addressed. Today this system manages both criticality risk prevention and nuclear materials accounting.


La Hague site

ASN considers that efforts must be continued in the La Hague plants, particular in the integration of operating experience feedback and the notification of significant events. In the framework of the periodic safety reviews of the facilities, 2011 should see the completion of the identification of elements important for safety and the improvement of the general operating rules of these plants. Regarding the periodic safety reviews, ASN has asked IRSN to examine more particularly the conformity reviews of the UP3 plant and the effects of aging on the structures and equipment.

As regards the recovery of legacy waste, ASN will be attentive to ensure that turnarounds in industrial strategy do not significantly delay the recovery and disposal of the waste from silo 130 or the sludge from STE2 and HAO. ASN has already taken measures to this end for silo 130 in 2010, and will oversee the programme as a whole more closely in 2011.

Lastly, ASN will closely monitor the implementation of the system of internal authorisations at the La Hague plant.

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