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Highlights of 2010


Classified according to main topics and to areas and activities regulated and inspected


1          Nuclear activities: ionising radiation and health and environmental risks
2          The principles and players in regulating nuclear safety, radiation protection and environmental protection
3          Regulations
4          Regulation of nuclear activities and exposure to ionising radiation
5          Emergency situations
6          Public information and transparency
7          International relations
8          A regional round-up of nuclear safety and radiation protection



9          Medical uses of ionising radiation
10       Non-medical uses of ionising radiation
11       Transport of radioactive materials
12       Nuclear power plants
13       Nuclear fuel cycle installations
14       Nuclear research facilities and other nuclear installations
15       The safe decommissioning of basic nuclear installations
16       Radioactive waste and polluted sites

This introduction to the ASN Report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2010 gives a summary of ASN actions and its assessment of the activities it regulates and inspects.

It proposes a thirty page round-up of the significant points developed within this report. This summary follows the same structural layout as the main report. It will therefore be easy to refer to the relevant chapters.

There is a difference in the form of this summary between the first chapters, which are more descriptive of the role and functions of ASN (1 to 8), and the other chapters which present its actions in the various sectors regulated and inspected (9 to 16). Each chapter begins with a summary of the function or activity concerned, continues by highlighting the significant aspects of the past year, and ends with the outlook for the coming one. or the chapters dealing with the regulated and inspected activities, the summaries also contain ASN's assessment of nuclear safety and radiation in the main fields considered.


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