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Public information and transparency


Chapter 06

    1. From public information to transparency
    2. ASN information media
      1. ASN's website, www.asn.fr
      2. The French Nuclear Safety Authority's Newsletter
      3. Contrôle magazine
      4. The ASN report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France
      5. Other ASN publications
    3. ASN's audiences
      1. ASN and the general public
      2. ASN and professionals
      3. The ASN and the media
      4. ASN and the institutional public
    1. Information released by the licensees
      1. Information circulated on the initiative of the licensees
      2. Access to information in the possession of the licensees
    2. Public consultation about projects
      1. Public consultation procedures
      2. Developing public consultation
    3. The Local Information Committees (CLIs) and the National Association of Local Information Commissions and Committees (ANCCLI)
      1. Local Information Committees (CLI) for the Basic Nuclear Installations (BNI)
      2. The Federation of Local Information Committees: the National Association of Local Information Commissions and Committees (ANCCLI)
    4. High Committee for Transparency and Information on Nuclear Security
    5. Information released by the other stakeholders
      1. The French Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN)

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Informing the public about nuclear safety and radiation protection is one of ASN's fundamental roles . This role was conferred upon ASN from its inception, and was reinforced by the Act of 13 June 2006 relative to transparency and safety in the nuclear field. The Act, which makes it a duty for ASN to inform the public, defines transparency in the nuclear field as "all the measures taken to guarantee the public's right to reliable and understandable information concerning nuclear safety".

This duty to inform is materialised through numerous actions carried out at international, national and regional level. These actions are characterised by the multitude and diversity of the themes developed, of the audiences targeted (general public, medias, institutional and professional audiences), and of the information means used (press relations, events, publications, Internet, etc.).

In 2011, ASN will continue to enhance transparency and information on the subjects under its responsibility, together with the other players and stakeholders. ASN will develop the organisation of national and international debates on general subjects concerning nuclear safety and radiation protection, but also on society's approach to risk in general. ASN aims to involve the public more closely in its decision-making process and to explain its decisions. It will thus promote public consultations via its website to an even greater extent.
Developing exchanges with the institutions and stakeholders will also be one of the focal points of its public information actions.

As part of its international policy, ASN will actively contribute to the holding of a European conference on nuclear safety and radiation protection in 2011.

In 2011, ASN will also continue actions to develop application of the requirements of the TSN Act concerning licensee transparency and procedures relating to nuclear activities.

It will contribute to the revising of the procedures for public consultation - where nuclear activities are concerned -  provided for in the Act on the national commitment for the  environment ("Grenelle 2" Act): this chiefly concerns the reforming of the public inquiries and the institutionalisation, further to an ASN proposal , of a procedure for consulting the public about projects that could lead to a significant increase in water takeoffs or discharges into the environment from a BNI, but which does not fall under the public inquiry procedure.

ASN will continue to see to the correct application of the new provisions concerning access to the information held by licensees and to the safety report. On this account it will examine the conditions of implementation of the recommendations the HCTISN should publish in early 2011 on the reconciling of transparency and secrets protected by law.

On completion of discussions that began in 2010, ASN will propose to the Government an extension, in the transport sector, of the right of access to the information held by those responsible for nuclear activities.

Finally, ASN will continue to support CLI activities. With ANCCLI and in agreement with the licensees, it will establish rules of good practice to make it easier for the CLIs to perform their duties. It will reiterate its proposals to the Government with a view to ensuring that the CLIs are given the resources they need.

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