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Emergency situations


Chapter 05

    1. Looking ahead and planning
      1. On-site and off-site emergency plans
      2. Responding to any other radiological emergency situation
      3. Role of ASN in the preparation and follow-up of emergency plans
    2. Controlling urban development around nuclear sites
    3. Organising a collective response
      1. Local response organisation
      2. National response organisation
    4. Protecting the public
      1. General protective actions
      2. Iodine tablets
      3. Care and treatment of exposed persons
    5. Understanding the long-term consequences
    1. Assisting the Government
      1. ASN's duties in emergency situations
      2. Organisation of ASN
      3. ASN's emergency response centre
    2. Ensuring efficient coordination with international authorities
      1. Bilateral relations
      2. Multilateral relations
      3. International assistance
    1. Carrying out exercises
      1. Nuclear alert tests and mobilisation exercises
      2. Exercises
    2. Assessing with a view to improvement

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In collaboration with the public administrations and public establishments concerned, ASN has coordinated the drafting of an annual circular relative to the national nuclear or radiological emergency exercises. The objectives chosen for 2011 aim at testing the safety/security interface, the implementing of a real-life population evacuation exercise, the population protection actions to be ensured when exiting from the emergency phase, and the integration of extensive communication with the population. It is also planned to carry out exercises with an earthquake or major fire as the originating cause, and a minor accident whose seriousness does not immediate reveal a necessity to activate the off-site emergency plan.

ASN will continue its work to strengthen its doctrine for the control of urban development around the BNIs. ASN wants to better inform the local authorities of the risk generated by nuclear installations so that it is considered to a greater extent in the development strategy of municipalities. This information must be provided coherently and systematically for all installations with an off-site emergency plan. In the longer term, ASN wishes to apply public protection restrictions to limit urban development and therefore the consequences of an accident affecting an installation.

The CODIRPA international seminar scheduled for May 2011 will provide an opportunity to take stock of the work undertaken in the post-accident domain. The awaited publication of the emergency phase exit guide and the guidelines for managing the transition and long-term phases will be accompanied by a reflection on the future programme of work in the post-accident domain, and on how the current organisation of the CODIRPA - which will have fulfilled its mission - should evolve.

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