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This introduction to the ASN Report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2009 presents a summary of ASN actions and its assessment of the activities it regulates.

These thirty or so pages present an overview of the highlights of 2009 developed in greater detail in the report.

This summary follows the same structure as the body of the report. The reader will thus be able to refer to the complete chapter concerned.

The format of this summary differs slightly between the first chapters (1 to 8), which are more descriptive of ASN’s role and duties, and the later chapters (9 to 16) which present its actions in the various sectors regulated.

Each chapter begins with a reminder of the duty or activity concerned, continues by highlighting the year’s significant events and ends with the outlook for the coming year. For those chapters concerning the activities regulated, the abstracts also include ASN’s assessment of nuclear safety and radiation protection in the main areas considered.


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