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Chapter 03

  1. The general regulatory requirements applicable to nuclear activities
    1. The regulatory basis
      1. The international radiation protection framework (ICRP, IAEA, euratom)
      2. The codes and the main acts applicable to the regulation of nuclear activities in france
    2. The regulations applicable to the various categories of individuals and the various situations involving exposure to ionising radiations
      1. General protection of workers
      2. General protection of the population
      3. Protection of persons during a radiological emergency
      4. Protection of the population in a long-term exposure situation
  2. Regulatory requirements applicable to small-scale nuclear activities
    1. The small-scale nuclear activities licensing and notification system
      1. The licensing and notification procedures for sources of ionising radiations
      2. Licensing the suppliers of ionising radiation sources
      3. Radioactive source management rules
    2. Protection of persons exposed for medical and medico-legal purposes
      1. Justification of procedures
      2. Optimisation of exposure
      3. Forensic applications of ionising radiations
    3. Protection of individuals exposed to enhanced natural ionising radiations
      1. Protection of persons exposed to radon
      2. Other sources of exposure to enhanced natural ionising radiations
  3. The legal rules and requirements applicable to basic nuclear installations (BNIS)
    1. The legal bases
      1. International conventions and standards
      2. European texts
      3. National texts
    2. General technical regulations
      1. Ministerial and government orders
      2. Overhaul of the general technical regulations
      3. French nuclear industry professional codes and standards
    3. Plant authorisation decree and commissioning licence
      1. Siting
      2. Safety options
      3. Public debate
      4. Plant authorisation decrees
      5. Commissioning licences
    4. Particular requirements for the prevention of pollution and detrimental effects
      1. The ospar convention
      2. BNI discharges
      3. Prevention of accidental pollution
      4. Protection against noise
      5. Protection against the microbiological risk (legionella, amoebae)
    5. Requirements concerning radioactive waste and decommissioning
      1. Management of bni radioactive waste
      2. Decommissioning
      3. The financing of decommissioning and radioactive waste management
    6. Particular requirements for pressure equipment
  4. Regulations governing the transport of radioactive materials
    1. International regulations
    2. National regulations
  5. Requirements applicable to certain risks or certain particular activities
    1. Installations classified on environmental protection grounds (ICPES) using radioactive materials
    2. The regulations designed to combat malicious acts in nuclear activities
    3. The particular system applicable to defence-related nuclear activities and installations
  6. Outlook

Appendix – Values and units used in radiation protection

Appendix – Regulation exposure limits and dose levels

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ASN is continuing to publish the technical decisions required by the Public Health Code and the Labour Code. A large number of technical decisions are expected in 2010, including those concerning the licensing applications for users of sources of ionising radiations, the extension of source lifetimes, the registration, surveillance, recovery and disposal of sources, the identification and marking of high-level sealed sources and the design and operation rules for medical installations using ionising radiations.

ASN is also participating actively in the work being done to update EU directives and IAEA standards, in particular with the aim of integrating the recommendations from the International Commission on Radiological Protection published at the end of 2007. In 2010, ASN will make its position known on these various texts, during the preparation of the French stance to be determined for the purposes of international discussions.

With regard to BNIs, ASN will be continuing its work in 2010 on renovating the general technical regulations, in conjunction with MEEDDM, with the objective of having the ministerial order and the main ASN regulatory decisions published before the end of the year, to ensure that the "reference levels" adopted by the WENRA association are transposed into national law. In this respect, 2010 will in particular be devoted to consultations with all the stakeholders.
Working groups will be set up in 2010 in the run-up to the forthcoming revision of the radioactive material transport regulations (future 2012/2013 edition). They will in particular deal with fissile exceptions, the accelerations levels to be considered for package tie-down, and the interim measures and requirements.

Finally, 2010 should see the completion of the work that has been under way for the past two years into monitoring "source security" (prevention of malicious acts).

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