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International relations


Chapter 07

  1. ASN objectives in europe and worldwide
    1. ASN international actions
    2. Actions in europe
    3. Harmonisation of nuclear safety worldwide
  2. EU and multilateral relations
    1. European union
      1. The euratom treaty
      2. The european nuclear safety regulator group
      3. The european directive on the safety of nuclear installations
      4. The european working groups
      5. The western european nuclear regulators association
      6. The meeting of the heads of the european radiation protection regulatory authorities
      7. Multilateral assistance actions
    2. The international atomic energy agency (IAEA)
    3. OECD's nuclear energy agency (NEA)
    4. The united nations scientific committee on the effects of atomic radiation (unsCEAr)
    5. The international nuclear regulators association (INRA)
    6. The association of nuclear regulators of countries operating french designed nuclear power plants (frareg)
  3. Bilateral relations
    1. Staff exchanges between ASN and its foreign counterparts
    2. Bilateral cooperation between ASN and its foreign counterparts
    3. ASN bilateral assistance
  4. International agreements
    1. The convention on nuclear safety
    2. The joint convention on the safety of spent fuel management and on the safety of radioactive waste management
    3. The convention on early notification of a nuclear accident
    4. The convention on assistance in the case of a nuclear accident or radiological emergency
    5. The other conventions linked to nuclear safety and radiation protection
  5. International conferences
  6. Outlook

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In 2010, in the field of international relations, ASN will endeavour to continue to make an active contribution to improving nuclear safety and radiation protection around the world. This aim will be pursued by maintaining strong and permanent ASN involvement in European and international bodies.

Adoption of the Directive on the nuclear safety of nuclear installations in June 2009 has also paved the way for the creation of an EU regulatory framework going beyond just radiation protection. Particular attention will then be given to EU matters, but without this entailing any withdrawal from or reduction in other international areas of action.

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