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Radiological emergencies


Chapter 05

  1. Anticipating
    1. Ensuring licensee accountability
      1. On-site and off-site emergency plans
      2. Role of ASN in the preparation and monitoring of emergency plans
    2. Organising a collective response
      1. Local provisions
      2. National provisions
    3. Protecting the public
      1. General protective actions
      2. Iodine tablets
      3. Care and treatment of radiation accident victims
      4. Controlling urban development
    4. Understanding the long-term consequences
  2. Responding to an emergency situation
    1. Assisting the government
      1. ASN's responsibilities in an emergency context
      2. The organisation of ASN
      3. ASN's emergency response centre
    2. Ensuring efficient coordination with international authorities
      1. Bilateral relations
      2. Multilateral relations
      3. International assistance
  3. Learning from experience
    1. Carrying out exercises
      1. Nuclear alert tests and mobilisation exercises
      2. Exercises
    2. Assessing with a view to improvement
  4. Outlook

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With its experience of many years of international exchanges, ASN has identified good practices for the response organisation of nuclear regulators and the human and technical resources deployed in an emergency situation. In the coming years, ASN intends to implement a plan to modernise its own organisation and its emergency centre. In 2010, ASN will in particular be setting up a stand-by duty system to further improve its responsiveness in the event of an emergency.

Together with the government departments and public institutions concerned, ASN drafted the circular concerning exercises for 2010. It objectives were defined at the national level to incorporate the regular operating experience feedback received. They concern post-accident management, the response to extreme media pressure, treatment and care of the injured or contaminated victims, handling of a minor event that does not require activation of the off-site emergency plan and radioactivity measurements. An unannounced exercise will be carried out in order to test the alert procedures and the responsiveness of the stakeholders.

ASN is continuing to look at ways of strengthening its doctrine to control urban development around the BNIs. ASN's responsibilities include informing local authorities of the risks inherent in nuclear installations. This information must be provided coherently and systematically for all installations with an off-site emergency plan. For the longer term, it will be necessary to define the methodology for drawing up public protection restrictions to limit urban development and thus limit the consequences of an accident occurring in an installation.

In the post-accident field, an operational guide for preparing future local post-emergency phase management plans will be tested in several pilot départements in which an NPP is located.

An international seminar is scheduled for early 2011.

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