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Annual report 2011 pdf format


Annual report: Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection in France in 2011

  • About ASN
    • ASN Organisation
    • ASN Commission
    • Its roles
    • Key figures in 2011
  • ASN actions
    • Chapter 1: Nuclear activities: ionising radiation and health and environmental risks
    • Chapter 2: The principles and stakeholders in nuclear safety regulation, radiation protection and protection
      of the environment    
    • Chapter 3: Regulations
    • Chapter 4: Regulation of nuclear activities and exposure to ionising radiation
    • Chapter 5: Emergency situations
    • Chapter 6: Public information and transparency
    • Chapter 7: International relations
    • Chapter 8: A regional overview of nuclear safety and radiation protection

  • Activities regulated by ASN
  • Appendix

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Download the full report (34,79 Mo) Pdf

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