ASN Report 2018

1  Bordeaux division Regional representative: Alice-AnneMédard Regional Head: Hermine Durand 2  Caen division Regional representative: Patrick Berg Regional Head: AdrienManchon 3  Châlons-en-Champagne division Regional representative: Hervé Vanlaer Regional Head: Jean-Michel Férat 4  Dijon division Regional representative: Jean-Pierre Lestoille Regional Head: Marc Champion 5  Lille division Regional representative: Laurent Tapadinhas Regional Head: Rémy Zmyslony 6  Lyon division Regional representative: Françoise Noars Regional Head: Caroline Coutout 7  Marseille division Regional representative: Corinne Tourasse Regional Head: Aubert Le Brozec 8  Nantes division Regional representative: Annick Bonneville Regional Head: (acting) Yoann Terliska 9  Orléans division Regional representative: Christophe Chassande Regional Head: Alexandre Houlé 10  Paris division Regional representative: Jérôme Goellner Regional Head: Vincent Bogard 11  Strasbourg division Regional representative: Hervé Vanlaer Regional Head: Pierre Bois ASN organisation chart as at 1st March 2019 Deputy Directors General Julien Collet Daniel Delalande Anne-Cécile Rigail Chief Inspector Christophe Quintin Head of Staff Bastien Poubeau General Secretariat Brigitte Rouède Management and Appraisal Mission Alain Rivière Regulation and Oversight Support Mission Julien Husse Nuclear power plant department Rémy Catteau Nuclear pressure equipment department Simon Liu Waste, research facilities and fuel cycle facilities department Christophe Kassiotis Transport and sources department Fabien Féron Ionising radiation and health department Jean-Luc Godet Environment and emergency department Christophe Quintin (acting) Legal Affairs department Olivia Lahaye Information, Communication and Digital Usages department Céline Acharian International relations department Frédéric Joureau Chairman Bernard Doroszczuk Commissioners Sylvie Cadet-Mercier Philippe Chaumet-Riffaud Lydie Évrard Jean-Luc Lachaume Head of Private Office Laurent Felber COMMISSION GENERAL DIRECTORATE DIVISIONS DEPARTMENTS Director General Olivier Gupta DROM-COM 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 The Caen and Orléans Divisions cover the Bretagne and Île-de-France regions respectively for the regulation and oversight of BNIs only. 10 ASN REPORT ON THE STATE OF NUCLEAR SAFETY AND RADIATION PROTECTION IN FRANCE IN 2018