ASN Report 2018

Introduction III
Roles IV
Operations V
Key figures in 2018 VI
ASN organisation chart IX
Commission editorial 2
Editorial by the Director General 6
ASN assessements per licencee and per field of activity 8
ASN assessements per licencee 8
ASN assessements per field of activity 12
2018 significant events 14
Regulatory news 22
Regional overview of nuclear safety and radiation protection 26
Chapter 01 - Nuclear activities: ionising radiation and health and environmental risks 88
State of knowledge of the hazards and risks associated with ionising radiation 90
The different sources of ionising radiation 94
Monitoring of exposure to ionising radiation 97
Chapter 02 - The principles of nuclear safety and radiation protection and the regulation and oversight stakeholders 106
The principles of nuclear safety and radiation protection 108
The stakeholders 113
Financing the regulation of nuclear safety and radiation protection 126
Outlook 128
Chapter 03 - Regulation of nuclear activities and exposure to ionising radiation 130
Verifying that the licensee assumes its responsibilities 132
Ensuring that regulation is proportionate to the implications 133
Efficient regulation and oversight 136
Monitoring the impact of nuclear activities and radioactivity in the environment 145
Identifying and penalising deviations 152
Outlook 155
Chapter 04 - Radiological emergency and post-accident situations 156
Anticipating 158
Organising for action in an emergency and post-accident situation 164
Learning from experience 167
Outlook 169
Chapter 05 - Informing the public and other audiences 170
Developing relations between ASN and the public 172
Reinforcing the right to information and participation of the public 176
Chapter 06 - International relations 182
ASN objectives in Europe and worldwide 184
Relations within Europe 186
Multilateral International Relations 190
International agreements 193
Bilateral Relations 194
Outlook 199
Chapter 07 - Medical uses of ionising radiation 200
Nuclear-based medical activities 202
External-beam radiotherapy 206
Brachytherapy 212
Nuclear medicine 215
Interventional practices using ionising radiation 221
Medical and dental radiodiagnosis 224
Blood product irradiators 228
Synthesis and prospects 228
Chapter 08 - Sources of ionising radiation and their industrial, veterinary and research applications 230
Industrial, research and veterinary uses of ionising radiation 232
Regulation of industrial, research and veterinary activities 236
Assessment of the radiation protection situation in applications involving radiation risks in the industrial, research and veterinary sectors 243
Manufacturers and distributors of radioactive sources and their oversight by ASN 251
Conclusion and outlook 254
Chapter 09 - Transport of radioactive substances 256
Radioactive substances traffic 258
Regulations governing the transport of radioactive substances 259
Roles and responsibilities in regulating the transport of radioactive substances 265
ASN action in the transport of radioactive substances 266
Chapter 10 - EDF Nuclear Power Plants 274
Overview of nuclear power plants 276
Monitoring of nuclear safety 280
Outlook 314
Chapter 11 - Nuclear fuel cycle installations 316
The fuel cycle 318
ASN actions in the field of fuel cycle facilities: a graded approach 323
Chapter 12 - Nuclear research and miscellaneous industrial facilities 326
Research facilities, laboratories and other facilities in France 328
ASN actions in the field of research facilities: a graded approach 332
The nuclear safety of research and miscellaneous industrial facilities 333
Chapter 13 - Decommissioning of Basic Nuclear Installations 334
Technical and legal framework for decommissioning 336
Situation of nuclear installations undergoing decommissioning - specific challenges 339
ASN actions concerning research facilities: a graded approach 343
Assessment of the nuclear safety of facilities undergoing decommissioning 345
Appendix: List of BNIs undergoing decommissioning or delicensed as at 31 December 2018 348
Chapter 14 - Radioactive waste and contaminated sites and soils 352
Radioactive waste 354
Nuclear safety in waste management support facilities, role of ASN and waste management strategies of the major nuclear licensees 365
Assessment of the nuclear safety of the facilities operated by Andra 370
Management of mining residues and mining waste rock from former uranium mines 370
Management of sites and soils contaminated by radioactive substances 371
Appendix: List of Basic Nuclear Installations as at 31 December 2018 374