ASN Report 2018

The main support facilities for radioactive waste management 2 —  Nuclear safety in waste management support facilities, role of ASN and waste management strategies of the major nuclear licensees 2.1  ̶  Nature of ASN oversight and actions 2.1.1  –  Nature of ASN oversight and actions, graded approach With regard to radioactive waste management, ASN’s oversight aims at verifying on the one hand correct application of the waste management regulations on the production sites (for example with respect to zoning, conditioning or the checks performed by the licensee), and on the other hand the safety of the facilities dedicated to radioactive waste management (waste treatment, packaging, storage and disposal facilities). This oversight is exercised proportionately to the waste management steps and the safety implications for the dedicated facilities. Thus, the waste management BNIs are classified in one of three categories, numbered from 1 to 3 in descending order of significance of the risks and adverse effects they present. This categorisation makes it possible to define an inspection programme and to target the level of expertise required to examine certain files submitted by the licensees. The various facilities and ASN’s assessment of their safety are presented in the introduction of this report. 2.1.2  –  Oversight of the packaging of waste packages • Regulations The Order of 7 February 2012 defines the requirements associated with waste conditioning. Producers of radioactive waste are instructed to package their waste taking into account the requirements associated with their subsequent management, and more particularly their acceptance at the disposal facilities. ASN resolution 2017-DC-0587 of 23 March 2017 specifies the requirements regarding waste conditioning for disposal and the conditions of acceptance of waste packages in the disposal BNIs. packaging and disposal disposal ● Waiting for commissioning   ✱ Comes under the status of ICPE   ▲ Comes under the status of DBNI La Hague Saclay Saint-Laurent-des-Eaux Morvilliers Bugey Tricastin Marcoule Cadarache Malvési Soulaine-Dhuys Valduc disposal treatment/ processing and packaging treatment/ processing and packaging disposal treatment/ processing and packaging treatment disposal treatment/processing and packaging packaging and disposal treatment/ processing and packaging Storage of irradiated graphite sleeves BNI 35  Liquid Effluent Management Zone (ZGEL) ▲ CDS ● BNI 177  Irradiating or alpha waste from decommissioning facility (Diadem) BNI 160  Low-level waste processing facility treatment/ processing and packaging (Centraco) BNI 171  Advanced effluent management and treatment facility (Agate) BNI 164  Radioactive waste packaging and storage facility (Cedra) BNI 37-A Solid Waste Treatment Station (STD) ✱ Rotonde ▲ STEMA BNI 74 treatment/ processing, packaging and storage La Hague site ● BNI 173  Activated waste packaging and storage installation (Iceda) BNI 175  Contained storage of conversion residues (Ecrin) sorting BNI 138  Tricastin site Socatri storage packaging, disposal and storage BNI 66  Manche Waste Disposal Facility (CSM) ✱ Industrial centre for grouping, storage and disposal (Cires) packaging and storage BNI 149 Aube repository (CSA) disposal ▲ Tritiated waste storage building ASN report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2018  365 14 – RADIOACTIVE WASTE AND CONTAMINATED SITES AND SOILS 14