ASN Report 2018

3 —  Outlook In 2019, ASN actions in the field of the oversight of NPPs will more specifically concern the following topics. • The periodic safety reviews 2019 will be marked by the first ten-yearly outage inspections associated with the fourth periodic safety review of the 900 MWe reactors and the second periodic safety review of the 1,450 MWe reactors. ASN will provide specific oversight of these reactor outages, during which EDF will carry out a significant part of the conformity checks and implement a large part of the modifications associated with the review. In 2019, ASN will also complete most of the examinations of the generic studies carried out by EDF as part of the fourth periodic safety review of the 900 MWe reactors, with a view to an ASN position statement at the end of 2020. ASN will notably take account of the comments made by the public during the consultation launched in 2018 on the steps proposed by EDF to address the objectives of this review. ASN will also finalise the generic examination of the third periodic safety reviews of the 1,300 MWe reactors and will adopt binding requirements applicable to all the reactors, in order to reinforce their safety. • Lessons learned from the Fukushima Daiichi NPP accident In 2019, EDF will continue to deploy the phase 2 modifications defined after the accident which struck the Fukushima Daiichi NPP (see point 2.9). Monitoring the implementation of the material and organisational measures enabling EDF to justify satisfactory control of the basic safety functions in extreme situations will remain a priority for ASN. • Compliance of the facilities with their baseline design, construction and operating requirements Following on from its action taken in 2017 and 2018, ASN will continue with its tightened inspections in the field, wherever operating experience feedback shows that EDF needs to further improve its knowledge of the actual state of its facilities. In addition to monitoring EDF’s ability to correct the nonconformities found on the reactors in service, as rapidly as possible, ASN will check that the steps taken by EDF actually prevent deviations from occurring. In this respect, the first 1,450 MWe and 900 MWe nuclear power reactors deploying the safety improvements corresponding to their second and fourth periodic safety reviews respectively, will be the subject of particular vigilance on the part of ASN. • Monitoring of the Flamanville EPR reactor ASN will continue to monitor the installation of equipment, the preparations for and performance of the start-up tests and the preparation of the various operating support documents. The nuclear safety inspectors will continue with inspections at a sustained rate. ASN will continue to examine the commissioning authorisation application and will issue a position statement on the partial commissioning application, corresponding to the arrival of nuclear fuel on the site. Finally, ASN will continue to examine the processing of deviations affecting the main secondary system welds, along with the conformity assessments of the nuclear pressure equipment most important for safety. • Monitoring of nuclear pressure equipment Monitoring of nuclear pressure equipment was marked by two major events in recent years: the detection of major carbon segregation problems in certain forged components and the discovery of irregularities that could be construed as falsifications within the Creusot Forge plant. In 2019, ASN will continue with the measures it undertook in previous years. It will in particular continue to check the performance of the review of all the components manufactured in the past by the Creusot Forge plant. It will ensure that this review process is seen through to completion for the forged and cast components, in order to assess all the irregularities which could have affected past production and analyse the consequences regarding the safety of the facilities. 314  ASN report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2018 10 – EDF NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS