ASN Report 2018

5 —  Conclusion and outlook • Implementation of new administrative systems governing nuclear activities In 2018, with the aim of stepping up its graded approach to oversight, ASN updated the resolution setting the list of nuclear activities subject to notification by extending this system to the use of certain sealed radioactive sources, such as those used for the detection of lead in paint. In line with this objective, ASN in 2019 will prepare the draft resolution relative to the registration system newly established for nuclear activities by Decree 2018‑434 of 4 June 2018 laying down various provisions concerning the nuclear field. It will be based on its previously established classification nomenclature for the various categories of nuclear activities using ionising radiation sources. This resolution will define more specifically the content of the simplified license application and the general conditions licensees must comply with in the exercise of the nuclear activity. • Overseeing the protection of radioactive sources against malicious acts Since 2017, ASN has been the designated authority the provisions to protect the majority of radioactive sources against malicious acts. Publication of the abovementioned Decree brought into effect the first provisions in this respect in mid-2018: those responsible for nuclear activities must more specifically give individual authorisations for access to the most hazardous sources, for their transfer, and for access to sensitive information. These provisions shall be subject to verifications during the inspections in 2019 and must henceforth be documented in the license application. Security requirements shall be gradually detailed and be implemented according to upcoming regulations. To this end, ASN and its institutional partners will in 2019 continue preparation of the Ministerial Order necessary for operational implementation of the general requirements to protect radioactive sources against malicious acts and preparation to ensure their oversight. ASN has moreover continued the actions it has undertaken to keep ahead with its staff training and the development of appropriate tools to efficiently embrace this new mission. Several training sessions have already been organised in 2017 and 2018. The training work will continue in 2019. Furthermore, ASN will adapt the tools it uses for the oversight of radiation protection (content of license applications, associated forms, publication of guides for the professionals and inspectors, provisions relative to the inspections and the reporting of malicious acts, etc.) as and when the requirements of the upcoming Ministerial Order enter into effect. It will also ensure that targeted and regular communication actions are directed towards those in charge of the activities concerned. 254  ASN report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2018 08 – SOURCES OF IONISING RADIATION AND THEIR INDUSTRIAL, VETERINARY AND RESEARCH APPLICATIONS