ASN Report 2018

3 —  Financing the regulation of nuclear safety and radiation protection Since 2000, all the personnel and operating resources involved in the performance of the responsibilities entrusted to ASN have been covered by the State’s general budget. In 2018, the ASN budget amounted to €84.45 million in payment credits. It comprised €45.89 million in ASN payroll credits and €38.56 million in operating credits for the ASN central services and its eleven regional divisions. The total IRSN budget for 2018 amounted for its part to €213.70 million, of which €84.3 million were devoted to the provision of technical support for ASN. IRSN credits for ASN technical support are covered in part (€41.6 million) by a subsidy from the State’s general budget allocated to IRSN and included in action 11 “Research in the field of risks” of programme 190 “Research in the fields of energy and sustainable development and spatial planning”, of the interministerial “Research and higher education” mission. The rest (€42.70 million) is covered by a contribution from the nuclear licensees. This contribution was put into place by the budget amendment Act of 29 December 2010. Each year, ASN is consulted by the Government concerning the corresponding part of the State subsidy to IRSN and the amount of the annual contribution due from the BNI licensees. In total, in 2018, the State’s budget for transparency and the regulation of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France amounted to €298.15 million. As shown in the Table 3, these credits are split between five programmes (181, 217, 333, 218 and 190) to which must be added the annual contribution on behalf of IRSN. To put this into perspective, the amount of the BNI Tax, paid to the general State budget, amounted in 2018 to €575.62 million. This complex funding structure is detrimental to the overall clarity of the cost of regulation. It moreover leads to difficulties in terms of budgetary preparation, arbitration and implementation. Breakdown of licensee contributions LICENSEE AMOUNT FOR 2018 (MILLIONS OF EUROS) BNI TAX ADDITIONAL TAXES WASTE AND DISPOSAL SPECIAL ANDRA CONTRIBUTION CONTRIBUTION ON BEHALF OF IRSN EDF 544.61 96.67 115.92 48.42 Orano‑Framatome 14.89 6.20 7.44 6.3 CEA 5.60 18.34 25.30 6.93 Andra 5.41 3.30 - 0.40 Others 5.11 1.67 - 0.71 Total 575.62 126.18 148.66 62.76* * The amount allocated to IRSN is capped at €62.5 M. Table 2 126  ASN report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2018 02 – THE PRINCIPLES OF NUCLEAR SAFETY AND RADIATION PROTECTION AND THE REGULATION AND OVERSIGHT STAKEHOLDERS