ASN Report 2018

Research facilities in France Caen Saclay Sablé-sur-Sarthe Pouzauges Dagneux Marseille Genève Grenoble Marcoule Cadarache Research reactors Cadarache : Cabri Saclay : Orphée, Osiris Grenoble : RHF Research reactors in construction Cadarache : ITER, Jules Horowitz reactor Critical mock-ups and teaching reactors Cadarache : Masurca, ÉOLE, Minerve Saclay : ISIS Laboratories and miscellaneous industrial facilities Cadarache : LECA/STAR, Lefca Saclay : LECI, UPRA Marcoule : Atalante Particle accelerators Caen : Ganil Genève : CERN Industrial ionisation installations Dagneux, Pouzauges, Sablé-sur-Sarthe : Ionisos Marseille : Gammaster Marcoule : Gammatec Saclay : Poséidon Materials storage facilities Cadarache : Magenta, MCMF Cabri, “test” reactor REACTOR CAVITY HODOSCOPE CROSS-SECTION Upper channel head PW containment Safety tube Hodoscope Liner CW outlet Handling hood Tank 60 Tank 90 PW filter CW outlet BPW tank REEF 304 suspect effluents tank CW tanks basemat Reactor water tanks Reactor cavity Pumps hall CW inlet Auxiliary tank CW inlet Core block Vessel Lower channel head ASN report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2018  329 12 – NUCLEAR RESEARCH AND MISCELLANEOUS INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES 12