ASN Report 2018

REGIONAL OVERVIEW OF NUCLEAR SAFETY AND RADIATION PROTECTION ASN has 11 regional divisions through which it carries out its regulatory responsibilities throughoutmetropolitanFranceand in theFrenchoverseas départements and collectivities. Several ASN regional divisions can be required to coordinate their work in a given administrative region. As at 31 December 2018, the ASN regional divisions totalled 226 employees, including 171 inspectors. Under the authority of the regional representatives (see chapter 2), the ASN regional divisions carry out on-the-ground inspections of the Basic Nuclear Installations (BNIs), of radioactive substance transport operations and of small-scale nuclear activities; they examine the majority of the licensingapplications submitted toASNby thepersons/entities responsible for nuclear activities within their regions. They check application within these installations of the regulations relative tonuclear safety and radiation protection, to pressure equipment and to Installations Classified for Protection of the Environment (ICPEs). They ensure the labour inspection in the nuclear power plants. In radiological emergency situations, the ASNdivisions check the on-site measures taken by the licensee to make the installation safe and assist the Prefect of the département , who is responsible for protection of the population. To ensure preparedness for these situations, they help prepare the emergency plans drawn up by the Prefects and take part in the periodic exercises. The ASN regional divisions contribute to the public information duty. They take part for example in the meetings of the Local Information Committees (CLIs) of theBNIs andmaintain regular relationswith the local media, elected officials, associations, licensees and local administrations. This section presents ASN’s oversight action in the BNIs of each region and its assessment of nuclear safety and radiation protection. Actions concerning informing the public and cross-border relations are addressed in chapters 5 and 6 respectively. IMPORTANT Oversight of small-scale nuclear activities (medical, research and industry, transport) is presented in chapters 7, 8, and 9. Medical sector see chapter 7 Transport sector see chapter 9 Research and industry see chapter 8 i 26  ASN report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2018