ASN Report 2018

1  The principles of nuclear safety and radiation protection  108 1.1 Fundamental principles 1.1.1 Principle of licensee responsibility 1.1.2 “Polluter-pays” principle 1.1.3 Precautionary principle 1.1.4 Public participation principle 1.1.5 Justification principle 1.1.6 Optimisation principle 1.1.7 Limitation principle 1.1.8 Prevention principle 1.2 Some aspects of the safety approach 1.2.1 Safety culture 1.2.2 The “Defence in Depth” concept 1.2.3 Positioning of barriers 1.2.4 Deterministic and probabilistic approaches 1.2.5 Operating experience feedback (OEF) 1.2.6 Social, Organisational and Human Factors (SOHF) 2  The stakeholders  113 2.1 Parliament 2.2 The Government 2.2.1 Ministers responsible for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection 2.2.2 The decentralised State services 2.3 ASN 2.3.1 Role and duties 2.3.2 Organisation 2.3.3 Operation 2.4 The consultative and discussion bodies 2.4.1 The High Committee for Transparency and Information on Nuclear Security 2.4.2 The High Council for Public Health 2.4.3 The High Council for Prevention of Technological Risks 2.4.4 The Local Information Committees (CLIs) and the National Association of Local Information Committees and Commissions (Anccli) 2.5 Technical support organisations 2.5.1 IRSN 2.5.2 Advisory Committees of Experts 2.5.3 The ASN’s other technical support organisations 2.6 The pluralistic working groups 2.6.1 The working group on the National Radioactive Material andWaste Management Plan (PNGMDR) 2.6.2 The Steering Committee for Managing the Nuclear Post- Accident Phase (Codirpa) 2.6.3 The pluralistic working groups 2.7 Other stakeholders 2.7.1 The National Agency for the Safety of Medication and Health Products 2.7.2 French National Authority for Health 2.7.3 French National Cancer Institute 3  Financing the regulation of  nuclear safety and radiation protection  126 4  Outlook  128 The principles of nuclear safety and radiation protection and the regulation and oversight stakeholders ASN report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2018  107