ASN Report 2017

436 1. Radioactive waste 438 1.1 The legal framework for radioactive waste management 1.1.1 Production of radioactive waste in installations overseen by ASN 1.1.2 The national inventory of radioactive materials and waste 1.1.3 The French National Plan for the Management of Radioactive Materials and Waste 1.2 ASN’s role in the radioactive waste management system 1.2.1 Oversight of the BNIs 1.2.2 Oversight of the packaging of waste packages 1.2.3 Developing recommendations for sustainable waste management 1.2.4 Developing the regulatory framework and issuing prescriptions to the licensees 1.2.5 Evaluation of the nuclear financial costs 1.2.6 ASN’s international action in the area of waste 1.3 Long-term management solutions for radioactive waste 1.3.1 Disposal of Very-Low-Level (VLL) waste 1.3.2 Disposal of Low and Intermediate-Level, Short-Lived (LL/ILW-SL) waste 1.3.3 Management of High-Level and Intermediate-Level, Long-Lived (HL/ILW-LL) waste 1.3.4 Low-Level Long-Lived Waste (LLW-LL) management 1.4 The radioactive waste management strategies of the nuclear licensees 1.4.1 CEA waste management 1.4.2 Areva waste management 1.4.3 EDF waste management 1.4.4 Socodei melting/incineration facility 1.5 Management of waste from small-scale nuclear activities 1.5.1 Management of waste from non-BNI nuclear activities 1.5.2 Management of waste containing enhanced natural radioactivity 1.5.3 Management of mining residues and mining waste rock from former uranium mines 2. Management of sites and soils polluted by radioactive substances 462 2.1 Regulatory framework 2.2 The Radium Diagnosis operation 2.3 ASN’s international action in the management of contaminated sites and soils 3. Outlook 463