ASN Report 2017

376 1. The fuel cycle 378 1.1 The front-end fuel cycle 1.1.1 The facilities on the Tricastin site 1.1.2 Nuclear fuel fabrication plants in Romans-sur-Isère 1.2 The back-end fuel cycle - reprocessing 1.2.1 Areva NC reprocessing plants in operation at La Hague 1.2.2 Oversight of the La Hague plants 1.2.3 Ongoing and future plant modifications 1.3 The back-end fuel cycle: fabrication of MOX fuel 1.4 The back-end fuel cycle: long-duration storage 2. Integration of experience feedback from the Fukushima Daiichi accident 388 3. Regulating the nuclear fuel cycle facilities 388 3.1 The main steps in the life of nuclear facilities 3.2 Particular regulatory actions conducted in consultation with the Defence Nuclear Safety Authority (ASND) 3.3 The licensee’s organisation and management structure for fuel cycle nuclear installations 3.4 Fuel cycle consistency 4. Outlook 390