ASN Report 2017

330 1. Overview of nuclear power plants 332 1.1 General presentation of a pressurised water reactor 1.2 Core, fuel and fuel management 1.3 Primary system and secondary systems 1.4 The secondary system cooling system 1.5 Reactor containment building 1.6 The main auxiliary and safeguard systems 1.7 Other systems important for safety 2. Monitoring of nuclear safety 336 2.1 Fuel 2.1.1 Changes to fuel and fuel management in the reactor 2.1.2 Evaluation of the condition of the fuel and its management in the reactor 2.2 Nuclear pressure equipment 2.2.1 Monitoring of the design and manufacturing conformity of Nuclear Pressure Equipment (NPE) 2.2.2 Evaluation of the design and manufacture of NPE 2.2.3 Monitoring the operation of pressure equipment 2.2.4 Assessment of pressure equipment in operation 2.3 The containments 2.3.1 Monitoring the containments 2.3.2 Assessment of the condition of the containments 2.4 Risk prevention and management 2.4.1 Monitoring the drafting and application of the general operating rules 2.4.2 Assessment of reactor operations 2.4.3 Monitoring maintenance of the facilities 2.4.4 Evaluation of maintenance 2.4.5 Preventing the effects of internal and external hazards 2.4.6 Evaluation of the risk prevention measures relating to hazards 2.4.7 Monitoring facilities compliance with the requirements 2.4.8 Evaluation of facilities compliance wtih the requirements 2.5 Prevention and management of environmental and health impacts 2.5.1 Monitoring of discharges and of waste management 2.5.2 The prevention of health impacts and soil pollution 2.5.3 Evaluation of control of detrimental effects and impact on the environment 2.6 Prevention and control of organisational risks 2.6.1 Monitoring how organisations work 2.6.2 Evaluation of the working of the organisations and control of activities 2.7 Personnel radiation protection 2.7.1 Monitoring of personnel radiation protection 2.7.2 Evaluation of personnel radiation protection 2.8 Labour Law in the nuclear power plants 2.8.1 Monitoring Labour Law in the nuclear power plants 2.8.2 Health and safety assessment, professional relations and quality of employment in the NPPs 2.9 Lessons learned from the Fukushima Daiichi accident 2.10 NPP operating life extension 2.10.1 The age of NPPs 2.10.2 The periodic safety review 2.10.3 Management of the review process by EDF 2.11 Flamanville EPR 2.11.1 The steps up to commissioning of the Flamanville EPR 2.11.2 Monitoring of construction, start-up tests and preparation for operation 2.11.3 Evaluation of construction, start-up tests and preparation for operation of the Flamanville 3 reactor 2.11.4 Cooperation with foreign nuclear safety regulators 2.12 Studies on reactors of the future 3. Outlook 374