ASN Report 2017

328 ASN report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2017 Chapter 11  - Transport of radioactive substances inspection was carried out in 2017 to check the conformity of the manufacturing operations of a package model approved by ASN and used in Switzerland. 5. ASN assessment and outlook on the safety of transport of radioactive substances Radiation protection of the carriers of radioactive substances ASN considers that the radiation protection situation of the carriers could be improved, in particular for the carriers of radiopharmaceuticals, who are significantly more exposed than the average worker. Thanks to the entry into force of the obligation of notification by carrier companies, ASN now has a clearer picture of the characteristics of the companies, enabling it to tailor its oversight resources more closely to the issues. In 2018, ASN will continue to carry out checks and educational measures with the professionals in order to improve the situation. In 2018, ASN will also publish a guide to remind professionals of the applicable regulatory requirements in terms of radiation protection, specifying how the various regulatory sources are interlinked (regulations specific to radioactive substances transport operations, Labour Code and Public Health Code) and to provide them with its recommendations for the correct application of these provisions. Continuation of inspections of packages that are not subject to ASN approval When taken individually, the packages not subject to approval represent little danger and accidents involving them have so far had limited radiological health consequences. ASN must however remain vigilant given the very large number of these packages and the sometimes inadequate safety culture of those involved in the transport operations. The regulatory conformity of the packages not requiring approval has improved in recent years, although some deviations persist. In 2018, ASN will therefore continue its efforts regarding the monitoring of package models not requiring approval. Continuation of inspections in the manufacture and maintenance of transport packages subject to ASN approval The design of transport package models requiring ASN approval is examined in depth prior to the issuance of any approval. Once it has been ascertained that the package model complies with the regulatory requirements, its manufacture and subsequent routine maintenance in accordance with the requirements of its safety file must be verified. In this respect, the irregularities detected at the Creusot Forge plant, which more particularly affected certain transport packagings, demonstrated the importance of checking the packaging manufacture and maintenance operations. In 2018, ASN intends to maintain a large number of inspections on these topics. It will in particular ensure that the conclusions of the in-house working group tasked with learning the lessons from the Creusot Forge irregularities are transposed to the field of transport. Improved emergency situation preparedness The management of emergency situations is the final level of defence in depth in order to mitigate the consequences of an accident. The transport stakeholders are key players in this management, more specifically to give the alert and provide the necessary information to the emergency services. ASN considers that in order to meet these obligations the stakeholders must be well prepared for emergency situations. In 2018, it will therefore continue its inspections to ensure that the recommendations of its guide on emergency plans are satisfactorily taken on board. The stress tests approach will also be implemented for packages entailing potentially high levels of risk. ASN will also continue to work towards achieving a satisfactory level of preparedness by the public authorities for emergency situations involving a transport operation, in particular by promoting the performance of local emergency exercises and issuing recommendations on the steps to be taken in the event of an accident. Examination of the approval application for the DN30 package model In 2017, the Daher NT Company submitted an approval application for the DN 30 package model designed for the transport of a cylinder containing enriched UF 6 . ASN referred the matter to the GPT to obtain its opinion on the level of safety of this package model with respect to the regulatory requirements. The GPT will issue its opinion in 2018. Examination of the approval application for the TNG3 package model Spent fuel assemblies are currently taken from the NPPs in TN 12/2 and TN 13/2 packages, which are approved under the old version of the IAEA regulations. A few years ago, Areva TN thus began work on the design of a new package model, the TN G3, to replace them. In 2018, ASN will give its decision on the approval application submitted by Areva TN for this new package model. On-site transport of dangerous goods Given that certain BNI licensees have not yet incorporated on-site transport operations into their general operating rules, ASN will continue its actions with regard to these licensees.