ASN Report 2017

288 1. Industrial, research and veterinary uses of radioactive sources 290 1.1 Sealed radioactive sources 1.1.1 Industrial irradiation 1.1.2 Gamma radiography 1.1.3 Verification of physical parameters 1.1.4 Neutron activation 1.1.5 Other common applications 1.2 Unsealed radioactive sources 2. The use of electrical devices emitting ionising radiation in the industrial, research and veterinary sectors 293 2.1 Industrial applications 2.2 Veterinary diagnostic radiology 2.3 Particle accelerators 2.4 Other electrical devices emitting ionising radiation 3. Manufacturers and distributors of radioactive sources 296 4. Regulation of industrial, research and veterinary activities 297 4.1 The Authorities regulating the sources of ionising radiation 4.2 Licensing and notification of ionising radiation sources used for non-medical purposes 4.2.1 Integration of the principles of radiation protection in the regulation of non-medical activities 4.2.2 Applicable licensing and notification systems 4.2.3 Statistics for 2017 4.3 Unjustified or prohibited activities
 4.3.1 Application of the ban on the intentional addition of radionuclides in consumer goods and construction products 4.3.2 Application of the justification principle for existing activities 4.4 Reinforcement of the regulation of electrical devices generating ionising radiation 4.5 Implementation of oversight of radioactive source protection against malicious acts 4.5.1 The organisation adopted for overseeing the security of sources 4.5.2 The sources and installations concerned 4.5.3 An initial review of the security of high-activity sealed sources 4.5.4 Regulatory work 5. The main incidents in 2017 304 6. Assessment of radiation protection in the industrial, research and veterinary sectors, and outlook 306