ASN Report 2017

264 1. Medical and dental radiodiagnosis installations 266 1.1 Presentation of the equipment 1.1.1 Medical radiodiagnosis 1.1.2 Interventional practices using ionising radiation 1.1.3 Dental radiodiagnosis 1.2 Technical rules for fitting out radiology and tomography installations 2. Nuclear medicine 269 2.1 Presentation of nuclear medicine activities 2.1.1 In vivo diagnosis 2.1.2 In vitro diagnosis 2.1.3 Internal targeted radiotherapy 2.1.4 Research in nuclear medicine involving humans 2.2 Layout rules for nuclear medicine facilities 3. External-beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy 272 3.1 Description of the techniques 3.2. The various external-beam radiotherapy techniques 3.2.1 Three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy 3.2.2 Intensity-modulated conformal radiotherapy 3.2.3 Stereotactic radiotherapy 3.2.4 Radiotherapy using a linear accelerator coupled to a magnetic resonance imaging system 3.2.5 Intraoperative radiotherapy 3.2.6 Hadron therapy 3.2.7 Contact radiotherapy 3.3 Brachytherapy 3.3.1 Low Dose-Rate (LDR) brachytherapy 3.3.2 Pulsed Dose-Rate (PDR) brachytherapy 3.3.3 High Dose-Rate (HDR) brachytherapy 3.4. Technical rules applicable to facilities 3.4.1 Technical rules applicable to external-beam radiotherapy installations 3.4.2 Technical rules applicable to brachytherapy installations 4. Blood product irradiators 276 4.1 Description 4.2 Technical rules applicable to facilities 5. The state of radiation protection in the medical sector 276 5.1 Exposure situations in the medical sector 5.1.1 Exposure of health professionals 5.1.2 Exposure of patients 5.1.3 Exposure of persons providing support and comfort to patients 5.1.4 Exposure of the general public and environmental impact 5.2 Some general indicators 5.2.1 Licenses and declarations 5.2.2 Dosimetry of health professionals 5.2.3 Report on Significant Radiation protection Events 5.3 Radiation protection situation in radiotherapy 5.3.1 Radiation protection of radiotherapy professionals 5.3.2 Radiation protection of radiotherapy patients 5.3.3 Notified events in external-beam radiotherapy 5.3.4 Synthesis and prospects 5.4 Radiation protection situation in brachytherapy 5.4.1 Worker radiation protection 5.4.2 Radiation protection of patients 5.4.3 Management of sources 5.4.5 Notified events in brachytherapy 5.4.6 Summary 5.5 Radiation protection situation in nuclear medicine 5.5.1 Radiation protection of nuclear medicine professionals 5.5.2 Radiation protection of patients in nuclear medicine 5.5.3 Protection of the general public and the environment 5.5.4 Nuclear medicine facilities 5.5.5 Notified events in nuclear medicine 5.5.6 Summary 5.6 Radiation protection situation in conventional radiology and computed tomography 5.6.1 Inspection results 5.6.2 Significant events notified in computed tomography and radiology 5.6.3 Summary 5.7 Radiation protection situation in fluoroscopy-guided interventional practices 5.7.1 Radiation protection of professionals using fluoroscopy-guided interventional procedures 5.7.2 Radiation protection of patients 5.7.3 Significant events notified in the area of fluoroscopy-guided interventional practices 5.7.4 Summary 6. Outlook 287