ASN Report 2017

216 ASN report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2017 Chapter 08  - Regional overview of nuclear safety and radiation protection Bretagne The Nantes division regulates radiation protection and the transport of radioactive substances in the 4 départements of the Bretagne region. The Caen division regulates the nuclear safety of the Monts d’Arrée NPP (Brennilis), currently undergoing decommissioning. I n 2017, ASN carried out 36 inspections: 2 at the Monts d’Arrée NPP undergoing decommissioning and 34 in small- scale nuclear activities. Among the notified events, one was rated level 1 on the INES scale and 4 events in radiotherapy were rated level 1 on the ASN-SFRO scale. The installations and activities to regulate comprise: ཛྷ ཛྷ the Monts d’Arrée site NPP undergoing decommissioning, regulated by the Caen division; ཛྷ ཛྷ the facilities and activities using ionising radiation in the medical, industrial and research sectors : -- medical services: 8 external- beam radiotherapy departments; 5 brachytherapy departments; 11 nuclear medicine departments; 37 centres performing interventional procedures, 54 computed tomography scanners and some 2,500 medical and dental radiology devices; -- industrial and research uses: one cyclotron, 20 industrial radiography companies, including 3 gamma radiography contractors and about 450 licences for industrial and research equipment, including more than 325 users of devices to detect lead in paint; -- 6 radiation protection technical control agencies, 7 radon screening agencies and 4 head offices of laboratories approved for taking environmental radioactivity measurements. 1. Assessment by domain 1.1 The nuclear installations Mont d’Arrée NPP - Brennilis During 2017, EDF continued the effluent treatment station decommissioning operations and the reactor containment “recovery” operations following the September 2015 fire on the heat exchanger decommissioning worksite. In 2017, the heat exchanger worksite teardown operations continued under satisfactory conditions of safety and radiation protection. ASN remained vigilant with regard to EDF’s accompanying and monitoring of outside contractors, particularly regarding control of the fire risk. As far as the Effluent Treatment Station (STE) is concerned, the basemat demolition work continued in 2017. The discovery of an asbestos pipe in the basemat led to a two-month suspension of the worksite. As at the end of 2017, the basemat was 95% demolished. ASN will publish a position statement in 2018 on the plan proposed by EDF for management of the subjacent soils. The inspections carried out by ASN n 2017 show that the management of deviations and the performance of the periodic checks and tests are satisfactory. This being said, the management of events occurring outside opening hours can be improved. Corrective actions were made during the year further to ASN inspections.