ASN Report 2017

181 ASN report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2017 Chapter 06  - Informing the public and other audiences 3. Outlook In 2018, ASN will further develop its information actions targeting the general public, endeavouring to make the technical subjects it presents clearer and more accessible. It will continue its action to foster transparency and information in the nuclear field. It will improve in particular the conditions in which members of the public can be consulted on the draft opinions and regulatory texts. It will assist with the organising of measures to inform the populations situated in the Off-site Emergency Plan (PPI) zones, which have had their radius extended from 10 to 20 km around the nuclear installations; it will ensure correct implementation of the obligations to regularly inform the populations situated in these zones. In 2018, ASN will develop the information it gives to the public on its duties, its areas of competence and its oversight activity. It will interchange with the elected officials and stakeholders and place itself at their disposal to clarify any questions relating to nuclear safety and radiation protection. ASN will continue to support the CLI’s in their activities – particularly in their role of informing the public and other audiences – and to maintain high-quality interchanges with them.