ASN Report 2017

170 1. Developing relations between ASN and the public 172 1.1 Raising awareness in the public at large and developing a “risk awareness culture” among citizens 1.1.1 The website - 1.1.2 The social networks 1.1.3 The ASN/IRSN exhibition 1.1.4 The ASN Information Centre 1.2 ASN and the professionals 1.2.1 Making the regulations known and enhancing the safety culture 1.2.2 Radiation protection: a portal to notify significant events and a bulletin for sharing experience feedback 1.2.3 Professional symposia and seminars 1.3 ASN and the media 1.4 ASN’s relations with elected officials and institutional bodies 1.5 International cooperation in the field of communication 1.6 ASN staff and information 2. Reinforcing the right to information and participation of the public 176 2.1 Information provided by the licensees 2.2 Information given to populations living in the vicinity of basic nuclear installations 2.3 Public consultation about projected resolutions 2.3.1 Public consultation on draft ASN regulations 2.3.2 Public consultation about draft ASN licensing decisions 2.3.3 Consultation of particular bodies 2.3.4 Consultation: for ever wider and more varied participation of the various audiences 2.4 The other actors in the area of information 2.4.1 High Committee for Transparency and Information on Nuclear Security (HCTISN) 2.4.2 Institute of Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) 2.4.3 The Local Information Committees (CLI) 2.4.4 National association of local information committees and commissions (Anccli) 3. Outlook 181