ASN Report 2017

133 ASN report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2017 Chapter 04  - Regulation of nuclear activities and exposure to ionising radiation ཛྷ ཛྷ 14 organisations tasked with the monitoring of worker internal dosimetry, 7 for external monitoring and 2 for monitoring exposure associated with natural radioactivity (one for internal exposure and one for external exposure). In 2017, ASN issued 6 new approvals or approval renewals; ཛྷ ཛྷ 5 organisations tasked with NPE inspections; ཛྷ ཛྷ 3 organisations qualified for Nuclear Pressure Equipment (NPE) and Simple Pressure Vessels (RPS) within the perimeter of BNIs (in-service monitoring); ཛྷ ཛྷ 19 inspection departments qualified for in-service monitoring of NPE and RPS within the perimeter of NPPs; ཛྷ ཛྷ 65 laboratories for environmental radioactivity measurements covering 880 approvals, of which 123 are approvals or approval renewals delivered during 2017. ASN gives the General Directorate for Health (DGS) an opinion on the approval of the laboratories analysing radioactivity in water intended for human consumption. It gives the Ministers responsible for Nuclear Safety and Transport an opinion on the approval of the organisations responsible for: ཛྷ ཛྷ training the drivers of vehicles transporting radioactive substances (class 7 hazardous materials); ཛྷ ཛྷ organising safety adviser examinations for transport of dangerous goods by road, rail or navigable waterway; ཛྷ ཛྷ certifying the conformity of packaging designed to contain 0.1 kg or more of uranium hexafluoride (initial and periodic checks); ཛྷ ཛྷ approval of the types of tank trailers 1   ; ཛྷ ཛྷ the initial and periodic checks of tank trailers for transport of class 7 hazardous substances by land. 3. Efficient regulation and oversight 3.1 Inspection 3.1.1 Inspection objectives and principles The inspection carried out by ASN is based on the following principles: ཛྷ ཛྷ The inspection aims to verify compliance with the provisions that are mandatory under the regulations. It also aims to assess the situation with regard to the nuclear safety and radiation protection implications; it seeks to identify best practices, practices that could be improved and assess possible developments of the situation. ཛྷ ཛྷ The scope and depth of the inspection is adjusted to the risks inherent in the activity and the way they are effectively taken into account by those responsible for the activity. ཛྷ ཛྷ The inspection is neither systematic nor exhaustive, is based on sampling and focuses on subjects with the greatest potential consequences. 1 . For each new type of tank trailer, an organisation approved by ASN must issue a type approval certificate. This certificate confirms that the tank trailer has been checked by the organisation, that it is suitable for the intended purpose and that it complies with the requirements of the regulations. When a series of tank trailers is manufactured with no change to the design, the certificate is valid for the entire series. FOCUS ASN reinforces the graduated approach for regulation of industrial small-scale nuclear activities In 2016, ASN initiated work to examine the revision of its oversight system in the small-scale nuclear sector, at a time of changing regulations linked to the transposition of the European Directive on Basic Radiation Protection Standards. The purpose of this reassessment was to reinforce the efficiency of this system on the basis of an approach that is appropriate to and commensurate with the risks. In 2017, this work led to: ཛྷ ཛྷ revision and adaptation of the inspection methods to the new administrative systems; ཛྷ ཛྷ redefinition of the categories of activities with inspection priority; ཛྷ ཛྷ improved targeting, for an inspection, of the essential points of the inspection. MEDICAL VETERINARY RESEARCH / TEACHING INDUSTRY OUTSIDE BNIS BNI TOTAL SEALED SOURCES 1,544 463 3,557 12,521 21,154 39,239 UNSEALED SOURCES 401 10 1,763 1,758 7,456 11,388 MOBILE GERI* 4,070 288 44 705 9 5,116 FIXED GERI 8,600 935 809 4,357 184 14,885 PARTICLE ACCELERATORS 472 2 69 120 17 680 DENTAL 3,206 0 0 0 0 3,206 TOTAL 18,293 1,698 6,242 19,461 28,820 74,514 TABLE 2: Number of radiation protection inspections performed in 2016 by organisations approved for radiation protection inspections * Generator of ionising radiation TYPE OF SOURCE FIELD