ASN Report 2017

126 1. Verifying that the licensee assumes its responsibilities 128 1.1 The principles of ASN’s oversight duties 1.2 The scope of regulation of nuclear activities 2. Ensuring that regulation is proportionate to the implications 129 2.1 Definition of the implications 2.2 Oversight by ASN 2.3 Main checks performed by the licensees 2.3.1 BNI licensee internal oversight 2.3.2 Internal monitoring of radiation protection by the users of ionising radiation sources 2.4 ASN approval of organisations and laboratories 3. Efficient regulation and oversight 133 3.1 Inspection 3.1.1 Inspection objectives and principles 3.1.2 Inspection resources implemented 3.1.3 Inspection of Basic Nuclear Installations (BNIs) and pressure equipment 3.1.4 Inspection of radioactive substances transport 3.1.5 Inspection in the small-scale nuclear activities 3.1.6 Inspection of ASN approved organisations and laboratories 3.1.7 Checks on exposure to Radon and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) 3.2 Assessment of the demonstrations provided by the licensee 3.2.1 Analysing the files transmitted by (BNI) licensees 3.2.2 Review of the applications required by the Public Health Code 3.3 Lessons learned from significant events 3.3.1 Anomaly detection and analysis 3.3.2 Implementation of the approach 3.3.3 Technical inquiries held in the event of an incident or accident concerning a nuclear activity 3.3.4 Statistical summary of events 3.4 Heightening the awareness of professionals and cooperating with the other administrations 3.5 Information about ASN’s regulatory activity 4. Monitoring the impact of nuclear activities and radioactivity in the environment 142 4.1 Monitoring discharges and the environmental and health impact of nuclear activities 4.1.1 Monitoring of discharges 4.1.2 Evaluating the radiological impact of the facilities 4.1.3 Monitoring imposed by the European Union 4.2 Environmental monitoring 4.2.1 The purpose of environmental monitoring 4.2.2 Content of monitoring 4.2.3 Environmental monitoring nationwide by IRSN 4.3 Measurement quality 4.3.1 Laboratory approval procedure 4.3.2 The approval commission 4.3.3 Approval conditions 5. Identifying and penalising deviations 150 5.1 Ensuring that penalty decisions are fair and consistent 5.2 An appropriate policy of enforcement and sanctions 5.2.1 For the BNI licensees and entities responsible for the transport of radioactive substances 5.2.2 For persons in charge of small-scale nuclear activities, approved organisations and laboratories 5.2.3 For noncompliance with Labour Law 5.2.4 2017 results concerning enforcement and sanctions 6. Outlook 153