ASN Report 2017

122 ASN report on the state of nuclear safety and radiation protection in France in 2017 Chapter 03  - Regulations Appendix The collection of ASN guides No 1 Final disposal of radioactive waste in deep geological formations (February 2008) No 2 Transport of radioactive materials in airports (February 2006) No 3 Recommendations for drafting annual information reports for the public concerning Basic Nuclear Installations (October 2010) No 4 Auto-assessment of risk exposure of patients receiving external radiotherapy (January 2009) No 5 Management of radiotherapy safety and quality of treatment (April 2009) No 6 Final shutdown, decommissioning and delicensing of Basic Nuclear Installations in France (August 2016) No 7 Civil transport of radioactive packages or substances on the public highway:  • Volume 1: Shipment certification and approval applications (February 2016). • Volume 2: Package models safety file, European “Package Design Safety Report” guide (December 2014). • Volume 3: Conformity of package models not requiring approval (November 2015). No 8 Evaluation of nuclear pressure vessel conformity (September 2012) No 9 Determining the perimeter of a BNI (October  2013) No 10 Local involvement of CLIs in the 3rd ten-year outage of the 900 MWe reactors (June 2010) No 11 Significant radiation protection event (excluding BNIs and radioactive material transports): notification and codification of criteria (July 2015) No 12 Notification and codification of criteria related to significant safety, radiation protection or environmental events applicable to BNIs and radioactive material transport operations (October 2005) No 13 Protection of Basic Nuclear Installations against external flooding (January  2013) No 14 Guide concerning the remediation of structures in BNIs (August 2016) No 15 Control of activities in the vicinity of BNIs (March 2016) No 16 Significant radiation protection event affecting a radiotherapy patient: declaration and classification on the ASN-SFRO scale (July 2015)  No 17 Contents of radioactive substance transport incident and accident management plans (December 2014) No 18 Disposal of effluents and waste contaminated by radionuclides, produced in facilities licensed under the Public Health Code (January 2012) No 19 Application of the Order of 12th December 2005 relating to nuclear pressure equipment (February 2013) No 20 Drafting of the Medical Physics Organisation Plan (POPM) (April  2013) No 21 Processing of non-compliance with a requirement defined for an Element Important for Protection (EIP) (January  2015) No 22 Design of pressurised water reactors (July 2017) (Produced jointly with IRSN) No 23 Definition and modification of the waste zoning plan for BNIs (August 2016) No 24 Management of soils polluted by BNI activities (August 2016) No 25 Preparation of an ASN regulation or guide Procedures for consultation with stakeholders and the public (October 2016) No 26 Control of the criticality risk in BNIs (draft) No 27 Tie-down of radioactive packages, materials or objects for transport (November 2016) No 28 Qualification of scientific computing tools used in the nuclear safety case – 1st barrier (July 2017) (Produced jointly with IRSN) No 29 Radiation protection in radioactive substances transport activities (at project stage) No 30 Protection of Interests Policy Integrated Management System (at project stage) No 31 Conditions for the notification of events during the transport of radioactive substances (April  2017 – applicable as of 1st July 2017) No 32 In vivo nuclear medicine facilities: Minimum technical rules for design, operation and maintenance (May 2017) No 33 Intake and consumption of water, effluents discharge and monitoring of the environment of NPP PWR reactors (at project stage) No 34 Implementation of regulatory requirements applicable to on-site transport operations (June 2017)