Session 1: Global strategy and national radon action plan

Global strategy and national radon action plan

Speeches and presentations from USA, Canada, Irland, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Russia

Radon : stratégie globale et plan d’action national

Interventions et présentations des représentants des Etats-Unis, du Canada, d’Irlande, de Belgique, de Suisse, de Suède, de la République tchèque, de la Fédération de Russie, de Norvège et de France (ASN).


How the U.S. developed a national radon action plan
Lessons learned and ideas to consider
Bill Long from US Environmental Protection Agency

Ruth McBurney from the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors


Canadian radon Strategy and action plan
P.A Thompson from Directorate of Environmental and Radiation Protection and Assessment


Development of the Irish national radon control strategy
David Pollard, David Fenton and Stephanie Long from the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland


The Belgian radon action plan
Boris Dehandschutter from the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control


The Swiss national radon action plan 2012/2020
Christophe Murith from FOPH


Existing strategy and challenges for a national action plan for radon in Sweden
Kirlna Skeppström from Swedish Radiation Safety Authority


National radon action plan of Czech Republic, 15 years of experience with radon program
Karla Petrova, Jana Davidkova, Eva Pravdova from the State Office for nuclear safety


Radon regulatory framework in the Russian Federation:  state of affairs and new challenges
Sergey Kiselev from Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center, Russia


National Strategy for radon in Norway
Jelena Mrdakovic Popic from the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority


Radon national action plan in France
Jean-Luc Godet from the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN)

Key points for session 1


The key points for the session 1

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